Select one of the research articles below. Using what you have learned in this module, determine the category of research, the design methodology and sampling procedures. Summarize your findings, citing specific examples from the article and provide an overall evaluation of the quality of the research. Responses must be well written, spell checked, and substantiated with examples from the article.
Will Public Health’s Response to Terrorism be Fair? Racial/Ethinic Variations in Perceived Fairness During a Bioterrorist Event. (Eisenman, et. al, 2004)
Interactive effects of factors that control the emergency evacuation of naïve passengers through the transport airplane Type-III overwing exit. (McLean, et. al, 2002)
Flammability of oil-based painted gypsum wallboard subjected to fire heat fluxes. (Mowrer, 2004)
Quantitative Evaluation of Fire and EMS Mobilization Times. (Upson and Notarianni, 2010.)

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