i need a paper in a week, how to generate market equilibrium for a product through eisenberg gale convex program , paper have to be 10 pages
check the presentation for a clear view
for more references: http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~shuchi/courses/787-F09/scribe-notes/projects/project-notes-1.pdf
i have added sample paper please upload it in overleaf to view the format(just a sample not related to paper)
paper have to be like this:
1st part rating based web application
(check the presentation slides)
2nd part computing the market equilibrium through eisenberg convex program(we need to calculate the market equillibrium for products not for the services check the paper of price based resource allocation for edge computing market equilibrium approach)
3rd part benefits of hosting in cloud (check the presentation slides slides 11,12,13,14)
i have uploaded a sample overleaf zip file(just a sample not related to my paper)(upload it in overleaf for the format)
i need a 10 pages in newly created overleaf document

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