To receive full credit there must be one primary posting of 200 words (3pts) to the discussion questions and at a minimum two secondary posts (1 pt. each) to another student’s post. Try to post your primary posts before Thursday of each week. This will help in
creating a higher level of discussion as the week progresses. Final postings each week must be made before Monday at midnight. Please use proper grammar/spelling, and complete sentences. Try to use “critical thinking” and apply material from the text and your work experience if applicable. If you use
sources – please cite the source in your posting. (CH 10)
This weeks Discussion Question is different, YOU Can Discuss any related topic on international trade and resource management based on the 3 videos and 4 research papers.
OR YOU CAN DISCUSS ANY CURRENT EVENT on International Trade/Resource Management that you have read in the Wall Street Journal of other business resource. In the past 2 1/2 years the condition of International Trade sometimes changes daily based on our current administration.
This is not a Political statement, but the economy of the US is doing very well.
So if you want you can discuss our relationship with China, the EU, the new Prime Minister of the UK, or anything else that is current and related to International Trade.

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