To show an understanding of how social institutions define crime and how they produce racialized effects in the criminal justice system.


Drawing from at least 2 readings and one film from weeks 1-6, explain why social structure theory might be wrong to place primary concern for crime with weaknesses or pathologies within poor communities. How have these communities been criminalized and subjected to unjust forms of policing and criminal justice/punishment/mass incarceration that are not only unjust but racist? 


You can use any film or video covered in the course and any of the recommended or required readings. Make sure at least one of your readings is a scholarly article (meaning, not a news article). Lecture slides also provide valuable information and should be scanned for relevant information (hint: if you discuss topics that are covered in slides but do not incorporate the information in the slides then this will impact your grade). 

This is not a research paper so do not add research materials unless you get approval from the instructor. 


Write a 5-page essay (minimum) in scholarly format using Chicago Manual Style citations. Information for bibliographies is included in the syllabus. 


1. Include your name, student number, the date, course number, and the professor’s name on the top left of the first page.

2. Include a title for your work. 

3. Use 12 point Times New Roman font and double space your work.

4. Insert a footer or header with your last name and the page number. 



1- Above the Law | CBC Docs POV 

2- negro frolics on Twitter: “https://t.co/hI89Md7eyg” / Twitter 

3- “No Justification”: Minneapolis Demands Murder Charges for Police Officer Who Killed George Floyd | Democracy Now! 

4- Van Jones On George Floyd Riots: “I Have Not Seen Black People This Upset In 20 Years” | Video | RealClearPolitics.

5- (12) The House I Live In (2012) HD – War on Drugs in the United States – YouTube 

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