Unit 3: Discussion

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Please choose one question and develop a 200-300 word response on how you would address the issue or issues presented. I look for quality and critical thinking rather than quantity.

Please write as if you’re presenting something to your employer and put a strong effort into the assignment. Don’t look at the questions as busy work, but as an opportunity to apply the concepts.

Please use APA format and have at least two scholarly reference citations in your initial post. You should find a peer reviewed article to support your answer in addition to the text book or slides.

Be sure to include at least one scholarly reference citation in your peer response; your response to at least one peer should be in the 200 word range.

Post initial response by Wednesday 11:59 PM CT. Respond to at least one peer by Sunday 11:59 PM CT.


Creatives in advertising must be certain they understand and utilize the following theories:

The hierarchy of needs

Means–ends theory

Visual versus verbal cues

The behavioral response model

Choose a major retailer and discuss your strategy to achieve a quality match between the theme, medium, and leverage point, to successfully reach this target audience.

Visit the following websites. Identify the primary message strategy, appeal, and execution used. Evaluate the quality of the website based on message strategy, appeal, and execution. Do the sites utilize a spokesperson? If so, who is it and which type is he or she? Evaluate the spokesperson in terms of the components of credibility.

Johnson & Johnson (http://www.jnj.com)

Hyundai Motors, USA (www.hyundaiusa.com)

Skechers (www.skechers.com)

Bijan Fragrances (www.bijan.com)

Applebee’s (http://www.applebees.com)

Choose an organization whose primary focus is to serve the business to business market. Describe the roles that reach, frequency, effective reach, and effective frequency should play in the campaign designed to acquaint customers with business to business marketers.

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