You will make a powerpoint based on on the following that must last between 10- 15 min. I will provide the job description “Site Supervisor” on the PDF below. Hope it helps for the powerpoint. Unlimited slides by the way.

                                                          CHILD DEVELOPMENT


Please conduct a 10 – 15 minute powerpoint presentation for your interview. Use this opportunity to inform Leadership panel about why you are the right person for the Site Supervisor position. Below is a prompt for your presentation.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation how you can build a successful program by addressing these questions, and please be detailed: 

·  Your leadership style and how you will apply your leadership skills at the site?

·  How you can provide a quality infant/toddler program for the children, families, and staff?

·  How you can create partnership with the Garden Grove Unified School District and community partners?

·  How you will outreach families and promote the site?

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