Assignment Summary: In this assignment, you are responsible for creating a 4 page plan explaining a visual campaign you will run to boost vaccination numbers in your community. 

Context: Assume that you are leading the development of a digital campaign for your regional government. The re-opening of your community hinges on 90 % of the community getting vaccinated and there is some extreme resistance to the vaccine. Your campaign must educate and inform the audience on the benefits but also create for safe and open dialogue. A key metric of your campaign will be the direct increase in numbers. 

Key outcomes: The approach that you take must be clearly articulated – you must have a strategy around the types of images and visualizations you will use along with an explanation. 

Your analysis must cover the rationale behind your choice of visualizations, theoretical assessment and a clear strategy on roll out. 


For your final assignment, here is a simple template you can follow.

1. Describe your campaign objective 

2. Identify the community you are working in and describe its key demographics

3. Identify the root cause of vaccine hesitancy

4. Explain the characters you want to feature in the campaign and why

5. Explain the scenes and settings for the campaign

6. Detail the narrative you will utilize for the campaign.

7. Conclusion.

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