Develop a questionnaire to collect data on the type of features  students at a college  will be  looking for in a mobile application. After you have identified the  features, choose 2 features and collect data from 10 hypothetical  students/people to complete the survey. The scale will use an interval  measurement scale of 1-7 with 1= completely disagree and 7=completely  agree. The assignment can be uploaded as an Excel file. 


1. Create two separate columns.

2. The first row should include the name of each feature.

3. There should be ten separate rows of data with values between 1-7.

4. Calculate the mean and standard deviations for each feature.

5. Based on the standard deviation describe if there is more or less  variability between each feature and how you know there s more or less  variability.

6. Based on the mean describe if there is a difference between each mean.

Please note students may find it easier to actually survey 10 students/people rather than making up hypothetical data

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