In the SLP assignments in the previous modules, you accomplished the following:

  • Determined the scope of the project and the kinds of data you planned to collect based on information requirement (Module 1 SLP)
  • Drew an ER diagram to represent relationship among the tables (Module 2 SLP)
  • Conducted normalization to the tables so all tables satisfied the 3rd normal form, and created tables using Oracle SQL (Module 3 SLP)

In this module, you are to finish the project by applying what you have learned to generate queries (ask questions) of the database.

Database Queries and Reports

For the same bookstore database, write SQL statements to provide the following information for the output specified in the SLP:

  • Employee information (e.g., employee name, address, phone number, hiring date, salary, etc.)
  • Information about the books and CDs in the bookstore (e.g., title, author, price, etc.)
  • Sales of CDs and books, searchable by date
  • Current inventory status of books and CDs
  • Any other output you think appropriate

Write a 2- to 5-page paper that includes your SQL statements and screenshots of the results tables in the DBMS (database management system).

SLP Assignment Expectations

  • You can work by yourself or with a classmate on this project. If working with a partner, be sure to write both students’ names on the assignment.
  • Apply what you have learned to address the questions raised.

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