How would you handle the following scenario? Chase is a

How would you handle the following scenario?

Chase is a member of your accounting project group.  He rarely participates in the group discussion, typically sends his feedback via text and does not want to be part of the presentation at the end of the semester.  Part of your overall grade is based on the participation of all members in the final presentation.  No one else in your group wants to address the issue with him because they’re not sure what to say. 

Based on what you’ve learned thus far, what would you say to Chase?  


1) Plan out and craft your “speech” response to Chase. 

2) Record a video as if you are talking to Chase. 

Note: This can be a bit awkward because you are talking to the camera. 

3) The video should be between 1 – 3 minutes long.


States disagreement clearly

You clearly state the conflict

Avoids defensiveness

You withhold personal feelings

Remains calm and positive

You maintain composure and an upbeat tone

Demonstrates respect for other person(s)

Your tone and word choice exhibit respect

Articulates clear request

You are clear and concise in your ask from the audience

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