Prompt: With the development of technology, the possibility of altering


With the development of technology, the possibility of altering an image to the point it is unrecognizable from the original one is possible on every smartphone. Filters and modified images are mostly seen in social media. These platforms are used to connect with individuals of all the world having the ability to influence the way of thinking of some people. Currently we are bombarded with images of what is classified as “perfect bodies.” Despite knowing these images have been altered, it does not stop the person to try to achieve what is known to be “perfect,” to fit more in a “social media friendly” range. The media has always created and promoted beauty routines to helped achieve the “perfect body” with headlines like “How to lose weight in 10 days,” or “50 ways to get a shiny hair.” Within so, is it possible social media is affecting the masculine and feminine image? If so, to what extent could this issue affect the LGBTQ+ community? Studies have demonstrated that the distorted perception of self may compromise and deteriorated the mental health of a person. Fictional enhances images can lead to unrealistic standards of beauty attributing for creating insecurities in young people. Therefore, could the constant exposure to altered images can lead to an unhealthy anxiety that could cause body dysmorphia behaviors in individuals? In addition, could it be the reason behind eating disorders and low self-esteem? 


10 or more citations


Times New Roman

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