Submit a paper with your personal response to the topic


Submit a paper with your personal response to the topic and questions. This is your personal reflection. To form your opinion, you may want to research what people who work in the field say about it. You are welcome summarize what they say. Then add your personal thoughts for how the career fits you, 
Format your paper according to the IGU writing guide. A link to the guide is posted on the Announcements tab for this class.

You have until Thursday, December 9 to submit this assignment.

IT201 Assignment 9

Carefully read and think about the statement from your textbook, shown below. Ralph M. Stair, 2018 Pages 63-64 of the 13th edition.

Answer these questions.

  1. What degree are you pursuing at IGU?
  2. Why are you interested in working in the information technology/information systems field?
  3. Do you have a deep interest in technology? Are you merely seeking a job that pays well?
  4. Are you the person it describes in the statement, shown below?
  5. Will you enjoy working for years in such an environment?
  6. Are you willing to engage in constant learning and skills improvement?

“Successful information system workers must enjoy working in a fast-paced, dynamic environment where the underlying technology changes all the time. They must be comfortable with meeting deadlines and solving unexpected challenges. They need good communications skills and often serve as translators between business needs and technology-based solutions. Successful information systems workers must have solid analytical and decision-making skills and be able to turn ill-defined business problems and opportunities into effective technology-based solutions. They must develop team and leadership skills and be adept at implementing organizational change. Lastly, they need to be prepared to engage in life-long learning in a rapidly changing field.

While a career in information systems can be challenging, exciting, and rewarding, there are also some drawbacks. Many workers feel constant pressure to increase productivity, take on new tasks, and work more 40 hours per week. (This statement applies to many of today’s careers.) A high degree of stress can accompany the responsibility to fix major systems or network problems that are impacting a large number of users. One must often interact with end users or customers who are frustrated and not in the best of moods” (Ralph M. Stair, 2018). Pages 63-64 of 13th edition.

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