Step 1: Read “Muslim Women After 9/11″ by Ashraf Zahedi”

Step 1: 

Read “Muslim Women After 9/11″ by Ashraf Zahedi”

Step 2:

Read these articles about gender and Covid-19:

1) Clare Cain Miller’s “Nearly Half of Men Say They Do Most of the Home Schooling, 3 Percent of Women Agree,” in the New York Times. Click here for the PDF:  “Nearly Half of Men…” 2) “Women’s Labor Force Participation Set Back 3 Years Due to Covid-19” in The Hill.

Step 3:

Participate in the discussion forum about the reading by Thursday at 11:59 and post two replies by Sunday at 11:59 pm

Discussion questions:

Take notes in response to these discussion questions as you do the reading this week.

  • In ways has the “War on Terrorism” affected Muslim American women, and how do you think people should intervene when they see a Muslim woman being harassed?
  • How might anti-immigrant rhetoric in the last few years involve promoting stereotypes of immigrants that mask the real lives of actual immigrants, including immigrant women?
  • What’s your response to the articles about women and Covid-19? What do you think we should do as a society to ensure that women are not disproportionately harmed by the pandemic?

Bonus Material:

The main thing I wanted to recommend to you this week is an episode from story-telling podcast The Moth (click!) about trans-racial adoption. It’s one of the best things I’ve heard — interesting politically, but also very moving. It raises important questions about what it means for white people to adopt children of color.

I also recommend you watch Knock Down the House, a documentary on Netflix about four women who ran for political office in 2018. If you watch this, and write up two pages, double-spaced (mix of summary and analysis/commentary) you can get extra credit. 

Poster of three women of color that says "we all belong here."

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