After reading Chapters 3 and 4 answer the following questions

 After reading Chapters 3 and 4 answer the following questions and submit your responses in a word document.

Chapter 3: 

  1. Explain the Hawala system, its origins, and what are the advantages that would make this system appealing to terrorists
  2. Describe the three primary reasons that traditional financial criminal investigative techniques are ineffective. What is your view on why these investigative techniques are not effective? Explain your view.
  3. Describe the three major categories that help explain the structure of financing.  Illustrate how terrorist utilize these three categories.
  4. Explain how the Internet has become a tool for fraud. Provide a specific example.

Chapter 4: 

  1. Explain Edward Herman’s view on the social construction of reality and political bias when examining the media.  Provide an example illustrating his view. 
  2. Describe Anat Shoshoni and Michelle Sloan’s research on anxiety and attitude in regard to terrorism reporting.  Provide your personal analysis of his research. 
  3. Discuss the infotainment telesector; how does it negatively affect homeland security?  Provide examples to support your answer. 
  4. According to the text, how is the Internet used for recruiting, training, and target selection?  In answering the question, provide examples of each. 
  5. What, according to the text, is the essence of the drama pattern?  List and explain the different type of TV drama patterns. 
  6. Explain the tension between the media and the government, police and security forces.  Provide an example.

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