Please use the forum links (attached below), which I have

 Please use the forum links (attached below), which I have provided, to discuss each topic. Rely to my initial post to continue the thread.  Reply to each other’s posts directly to comment on your classmate’s posts as a follow-up to the discussion.

DQ1: Goal-Setting Motivation
Managers are interested in the subject of motivation because they want to learn how to get the most effort from their employees. Is this ethical? When managers set hard specific goals for employees, aren’t they manipulating them?  Include examples, supporting theories, and sources.

DQ2: Performance management
Briefly describe your current job (or one you have had in the past), and determine how performance management could have been applied in a way that would have both motivated you and made your work more rewarding. Which theory of motivation and performance would be applied to your situation and why? Find supporting sources that have examples, ideas, etc. and include sources to support your response.

*Don’t forget to reference your work by bringing in supporting articles/videos, etc. that show why it works, is true, has been done in the past, is being done now, etc. Show us that you extended your knowledge!


 Ellen’s monologue about making decisions

 Decision making

 Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory
Jumping for the Jelly Beans (1 of 2)


Acquired Needs Theory: Need for Achievement, Power & Affiliation (McClelland’s Theory)
URL: (Links to an external site.)

Motivation Theory: Needs-Based & Behavior-Based
URL: (Links to an external site.)

The Pygmalion Effect: Influencing Employee Behavior
URL: (Links to an external site.)

How to Set SMART Goals
“Learn how to set powerful, actionable goals for your organization.”

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