Please provide a 100 word minimum response to the below


Please provide a 100 word minimum response to the below classmate discussion post:

The decisions I make today generally align with that of the department. Although the administration has the last say, they always ask for input from the bottom up. I believe this is a positive trait the administration holds, knowing that the decisions they make can adversely effect line staff and become detrimental, causing low morale within the department. In law enforcement, ethical decision making is a must. Such decisions can prove to a community that you have their best interest at hand. Consequences of ethical decision making not only affect law enforcement, but also small or large businesses. A major consequence of ethical decision making could affect ones reputation. There is always someone that is going to disagree with you no matter what, even after a lengthy explanation of why you came to the decision you did. Ethics is structured on what is right and wrong, or fair and unfair. Unfortunately, someone is always going to look for the wrong or unfairness in your decisions. Another consequences can include an organization or peers losing trust in you. A lot of times decisions are made based on feelings, and the ethics behind them are left at the door. In order to make a good ethical based decision, I believe a clear mind, peer support, common sense, and identifying the effects and consequences should be considered.      

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