Reading Assignment #1 Tanner C, Gans D, White J, Nath


Reading Assignment #1

Tanner C, Gans D, White J, Nath R, Pohl J. Electronic health records and patient safety: Co-occurrence of early EHR implementation with patient safety practices in primary care settings.

Individual Reading Reflections

. Purpose: Briefly describe your approach to reading this article. 

. Preview: What were some of the specifics of how you read for understanding

. Details could include:

. Did you take notes or annotate as you read? Did you read the article more than once?  Did you have to look up some definitions?

. Was the paper easy or difficult to read? Why was it easy or difficult to read? What did you do to help you understand the reading?

. What was going through your head as you read the paper?

. Review: Did you agree or disagree with your group’s submission? Why or why not? (It’s ok to disagree – It isn’t uncommon to have different perspectives on reading).

Use the 4-Box Format for your response. 

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