Instructions for properly completing the assignment: Due Sunday of Week


Instructions for properly completing the assignment:

Due Sunday of Week 4 by 11:59 PM 

  1. Submit a paper on the main method of user research, include the following:
    • UX impact an organization or business success or failure based on usability, accessibility, reliability, desirability, speed, stability and security
    • Explain the ethical implications of using psychology in UX design
  2. Demonstrate use of UX techniques (Use screenshots, flow charts, shapes, smartArt, images or diagram of sample products, processes, etc. to illustrate and descriptive texts to explain UX techniques).
  3. Your assignment should be about 2 pages in length. Pages Title, Table of Content, References do NOT recon in the Assignment length.
  4. IMPORTANT: The paper must meet the APA format criteria established by the American Psychological Association. The example of APA format can be found here:
  5. Use at least 1 peer-reviewed (scholarly source-see guidance below) and 3 total references. Support your responses from the references listed–do not list a reference if you did not use it in your paper.
  6. Matching percent from direct quotes should not exceed 15%.
  7. Grammatical, spelling or punctuation—ensure the writing is grammatically correct, clear and concise. The response should be well formulated and easy to read and understand. Use correct terminology when needed. Grammarly is a great source to check your writing.


●    What is Plagiarism:
●    What is Plagiarism and How to Avoid It:
●    [email protected]:
●    Purdue Online Writing Lab:
●    APA General Format:

● Grammarly for Reviewing Papers and Writing:

Instruction for properly completing the assignment:

1. Download the attached template called “ENTD120_Assignment3_LastNameFirst.doc “.
2. Change the file name by applying your Last Name and First Name in place of the LastNameFirst.
3. Then upload to Assignment for grading.

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