. Which of the two readings seemed to resonate more

. Which of the two readings seemed to resonate more with your own experience or gut feelings – English’s or Yutang’s? Why? There are subtle social/cultural presuppositions that we may be unaware of that influence our ethical decision making. It is philosophy that forces us to question those presuppositions—that is living the examined life, so that we can become aware of what cultural influences and presuppositions are behind our ethical decision making, e.g. on family relationships, the treatment of animals, etc.”  Would you agree or disagree with this generalization? Explain your answer fully.

2. Where would you prefer to retire in the U.S. or in Asia based on what you know from the articles about how the elderly are treated in each culture? Use examples and quotations from the articles to support your answer.

3. In what way do you think pop culture television shows like Family Guy, The Simpsons, or South Park either erodes or strengthens family values? Explain your answer.

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