Journal #3 Socialization

 specifications: Reading Response Journals are single-spaced, font size 12, Time New Romans. Read assigned readings and review PowerPoint lecture slides before completing this assignment. Think about the ways you have been socialized since childhood into the person you are today. What role have your parents, siblings, friends, school teachers, neighborhood, and even your boss at work, played in this process? (you don’t have to put it in the journal, just brainstorm about it). Now, think about Hernando Washington, the protagonist of the essay by Lisa McIntyre, and imagine what the process of socialization was like for him. Applying the concept of sociological imagination, write a journal entry addressing the following questions: Why do you think Hernando Washington didn’t think he deserved the punishment for the crimes he has committed? Why was it difficult for him to correlate the act of committing a crime with the act of being sentenced for it?

#Journal #Socialization

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