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Some consider fair access to health care a moral right, while others disagree. We have defined the term moral right as “a privilege to act in some specific, intentional manner or to obtain some specific benefit because one is a moral agent living in a community of moral agents under a shared moral standard.”

  • Is access to health care a moral right?
  • Why or why not?

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CSUN HealthCare Discussion

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Introduction: The question being addressed is whether access to healthcare can be considered a moral right. This is a complex ethical issue that requires careful consideration of various perspectives and moral principles. In exploring this question, it is important to examine the concept of moral rights and its relevance to healthcare.


1. Is access to health care a moral right?
The question of whether access to healthcare can be considered a moral right is subjective and often debated among ethicists, policymakers, and individuals. Different arguments can be made on both sides of the spectrum.

2. Why or why not?
There are multiple reasons why some would argue that access to healthcare is a moral right:
– Human dignity and well-being: Advocates for healthcare as a moral right argue that every individual, irrespective of their socio-economic status, deserves to live a life that is free from unnecessary suffering and to have their basic healthcare needs met. Access to healthcare is considered crucial to preserving human dignity and well-being.
– Equality and justice: From an egalitarian perspective, guaranteeing fair access to healthcare is seen as a matter of social justice. It aims to alleviate disparities and promote equal opportunities for individuals to live healthy lives. Ensuring access to healthcare progresses toward a more equitable society.
– Social contract: Some argue that access to healthcare is implicit in the social contract between citizens and society. When individuals contribute to the well-being of society through taxes and participation, society should reciprocate by providing necessary healthcare services.

On the other hand, arguments against considering access to healthcare as a moral right include:
– Limited resources: Healthcare resources are often limited, and providing access to all individuals may strain the healthcare system. Critics argue that while access to healthcare is desirable, it cannot be seen as an absolute right without considering feasibility and resource allocation concerns.
– Individual responsibility: Opponents may contend that individuals bear a personal responsibility for their health and well-being. They argue that healthcare is a commodity that individuals should acquire based on their personal choices, lifestyle, and ability to pay, rather than being entitled to it as a moral right.

In conclusion, whether access to healthcare is considered a moral right is a highly debated topic, involving philosophical, ethical, and social considerations. It requires balancing the principles of justice, equality, freedom, and available resources. Different societies and cultures may have varying perspectives on this issue, influenced by their moral frameworks and social values.

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