HAS 5130 Keiser University Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Discussion

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1- A term paper and a PPT presentation about Title XXXII Chapter 456 Regulation of Professions and Occupations – Competency Standards for APRNs.

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HAS 5130 Keiser University Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Discussion

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Introduction: The assignment requires the students to prepare a term paper and a PowerPoint presentation on Title XXXII Chapter 456, which deals with the regulation of professions and occupations, specifically focusing on Competency Standards for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs). The objective of this assignment is to enhance the students’ understanding of the regulatory framework and competency expectations for APRNs in the given jurisdiction.


Title: Regulation of Professions and Occupations – Competency Standards for APRNs

Chapter 456 of Title XXXII encompasses the legal and regulatory framework for the proficiency criteria and obligations for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) in our jurisdiction. APRNs are essential healthcare providers who have advanced clinical training and expertise in a specialized field, including nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, certified nurse-midwives, and certified registered nurse anesthetists.

This chapter outlines the necessary educational requirements, licensure procedures, scope of practice, and competency standards for APRNs. These regulations aim to ensure the provision of safe and effective healthcare services by APRNs while upholding high standards of professional conduct and accountability.

The term paper should present an in-depth analysis of the Competency Standards for APRNs as outlined in Title XXXII Chapter 456. It should cover various aspects such as educational qualifications, clinical training requirements, certification processes, and ongoing professional development. The paper should also explore the different scopes of practice within the APRN field and how they align with the competency standards defined in the regulations. Additionally, the paper should discuss the interprofessional collaboration and coordination aspects that APRNs must adhere to in the healthcare team.

The PowerPoint presentation should provide a concise summary of the term paper but with a focus on visually engaging content to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the topic. The presentation should highlight the key concepts, principles, and regulations related to the competency standards for APRNs. Utilize clear and concise bullet points, relevant graphics, and relevant examples to convey the essential information effectively. The presentation should be divided into organized sections to ensure a logical flow of information.

In evaluating the students’ performance, the term paper and the PowerPoint presentation will be assessed based on the following criteria:

1. Knowledge of the Regulatory Framework: The ability to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory aspects, including educational requirements, certification processes, and scope of practice for APRNs.

2. Content and Organization: The depth and accuracy of the information provided, the logical flow of ideas, and the ability to effectively address the topic’s main aspects.

3. Critical Analysis: The ability to critically analyze the competency standards for APRNs, identify potential challenges or limitations, and propose suggestions for improvement or areas requiring further clarification.

4. Presentation Skills: For the PowerPoint presentation, factors such as clarity of speech, effective use of visual aids, organization of content, and overall professionalism in delivery will be assessed.

5. Referencing and Citations: The proper use of credible and relevant sources, accurate citations, and adherence to appropriate referencing styles.

Feedback will be provided to each student, highlighting their strengths and areas for improvement based on the assessment criteria. This feedback will guide students in enhancing their understanding of the topic and honing their research, analysis, and presentation skills.

By completing this assignment, students will develop a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory framework and competency standards for APRNs in our jurisdiction. This knowledge is crucial for their future careers as healthcare professionals, as it ensures they can deliver safe, competent, and ethical patient care within the established legal framework.

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