University of London Anatomy and Physiology Discussion

Case Study Assignment. You are a medical student working your way through college and are assigned to a hospital given background information on a patient. You were provided the chief complaint and brief history of the patient outlined below. You are asked by the nurse in charge to read the following case, investigate the topic (Cardiovascular Issue) and complete a written report in MLA format including references addressing each of the questions identified below. Use this link for guidance on MLA writing format:

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University of London Anatomy and Physiology Discussion

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As a medical professor, it is my responsibility to create assignments and evaluate the performance of medical college students. In this case study assignment, students are presented with a patient’s background information and are tasked with conducting research on a cardiovascular issue. They are expected to write a report in MLA format, addressing specific questions related to the case. Let’s now proceed to answer the content-related questions.

1. What is the patient’s chief complaint and brief history?

The patient’s chief complaint is the primary reason for seeking medical attention. It provides initial information about the patient’s symptoms or concerns. In this case study, the patient’s chief complaint would refer to the main cardiovascular issue they are experiencing, which needs to be identified from the given background information.

The brief history of the patient involves a concise account of relevant medical and personal details. It may include information such as the patient’s age, gender, lifestyle, medical history, family history, and any other pertinent factors that may contribute to their cardiovascular issue. Students should carefully review the background information to extract the necessary details for their report.

2. What topic should the student investigate?

The topic that the student should investigate in this case study assignment is “Cardiovascular Issue,” as explicitly mentioned in the content. The student is required to conduct thorough research on this specific topic and gather relevant information to address the questions in their written report.

3. What are the requirements for the written report?

The written report should be formatted according to the MLA (Modern Language Association) writing style. Students should adhere to the established guidelines for structure, citations, references, and formatting. The report should include an introduction, body paragraphs addressing each question, appropriate in-text citations, and a list of references.

Additionally, the report should demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the topic by incorporating accurate and up-to-date information from credible sources. Students should critically analyze the patient’s case and provide evidence-based explanations and recommendations related to the identified cardiovascular issue.

4. How should the report be organized?

The report should follow the standard structure of an MLA-formatted paper, including an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Each question identified in the assignment should be addressed in a separate body paragraph, ensuring clarity and coherence.

The introduction should provide background context regarding the patient’s chief complaint and briefly outline the purpose and structure of the report. Body paragraphs should delve into each question, providing detailed responses supported by appropriate references. The conclusion should summarize the key findings and possibly offer recommendations based on the research conducted.

In conclusion, this case study assignment requires students to investigate a cardiovascular issue based on the provided patient’s chief complaint and brief history. They must write a report in MLA format, adhering to the guidelines, and addressing each question separately. By conducting thorough research and utilizing proper referencing, students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge and analytical skills in the field of medicine.

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