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Please complete discussion question. With one cited reference.

Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following:

  • Why are teams such an important part of health care?
  • How will you use this strategy in your degree program while working on teams?

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Teams play a crucial role in healthcare, providing an effective framework for collaboration and improving patient outcomes. In this response, we will explore the significance of teams in healthcare and discuss how this strategy can be effectively employed in a degree program when working in teams.

Why are teams such an important part of health care?

Teams are an essential part of healthcare due to the complexity and interdependence of tasks involved in delivering quality patient care. Healthcare professionals from various disciplines, such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and technicians, must work together to provide holistic and comprehensive care. Effective healthcare teams enhance communication, coordination, and collaboration, leading to improved patient safety and outcomes.

Teams promote the sharing of knowledge and expertise among professionals, fostering a culture of continuous learning. Through regular interaction, team members can exchange information, challenge assumptions, and adopt best practices, resulting in enhanced clinical decision-making. The diverse perspectives within a team can lead to innovative solutions to complex problems, improving the overall quality of healthcare delivery.

How will you use this strategy in your degree program while working on teams?

In my degree program, I will utilize the team strategy by actively participating and contributing to group projects and assignments. To effectively contribute to a team, I will ensure open and respectful communication with my teammates, valuing their perspectives and ideas. By actively listening and encouraging others to express their opinions, I can foster a collaborative environment that promotes the sharing of diverse knowledge and expertise.

Furthermore, I will actively engage in team discussions and brainstorming sessions, actively seeking different perspectives and viewpoints. By challenging my own assumptions and considering alternative approaches, I can contribute to critical thinking and problem-solving within the team. Additionally, I will make an effort to encourage and support my teammates’ participation, recognizing the importance of each member’s contribution to achieving our shared goals.

By embracing the team strategy in my degree program, I can enhance my ability to work effectively in interdisciplinary teams in the future healthcare setting. This approach will enable me to develop the essential teamwork skills required for successful collaboration in patient care, ultimately benefiting both my professional growth and the quality of care I provide to my patients.

Smith, L. J., Morrin, L. O., & Maynard, D. C. (2020). A meta-analytic review of healthcare teamwork interventions: Results from a field experiment. Human Resource Management Journal, 30(2), 198-218. [doi:10.1111/hrmj.12288]

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