Please help with this assignment. Strictly follow the rubric and address all key elements. Thank you. Please use the following information to complete this assignment: The organizational problem that Nursing Assignment Help

Please help with this assignment. Strictly follow the rubric and address all key elements. Thank you.

Please use the following information to complete this assignment:

The organizational problem that should be addressed is LACK OF TEAMWORK

Data- there is a major lack of teamwork at my organization. Some employees move faster than others. Some employees are not interested in learning and working together as a team. My department is also understaffed.

My organization does not provide an employee survey.

Lack of teamwork affects patient care because there is a major back order of product due to us not being able to release product in a timely manner.

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The lack of teamwork within an organization can significantly impact its overall efficiency and productivity. In the context of a medical setting, where collaboration and effective communication are essential, addressing this issue becomes imperative to ensure optimal patient care.

One possible approach to tackling this organizational problem is to implement team-building exercises and promote a culture of collaboration. By encouraging employees to work together, learn from each other, and support one another, the organization can address the issue of uneven productivity and lack of interest in teamwork. Additionally, addressing the understaffing concern is crucial to alleviate the burden on individual employees and foster a more cohesive team environment.

To address the lack of teamwork within the organization, the first step would be to conduct an employee survey. This survey can provide valuable insights into the root causes of the problem and help identify areas of improvement. Questions should be carefully designed to gather information on employees’ perceptions of teamwork, their willingness to collaborate, and any specific challenges they face in working together effectively. By understanding employees’ perspectives, we can tailor interventions accordingly.

Based on the survey findings, team-building exercises should be implemented to promote collaboration and enhance communication between team members. These exercises can take the form of group activities, problem-solving tasks, or role-play scenarios that require individuals to work together towards a common goal. By engaging employees in these interactive exercises, they will develop a sense of camaraderie and mutual understanding, which will positively impact their ability to work effectively as a team.

Furthermore, it is crucial to address the issue of uneven productivity among employees. Providing training and education opportunities for individuals who are struggling or lack interest in teamwork can be beneficial. By investing in professional development programs, employees can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to work collaboratively. Moreover, providing incentives or rewards for demonstrating teamwork and actively participating in the team’s success can also serve as motivation for individuals to embrace the concept of teamwork.

Additionally, the issue of understaffing needs to be addressed promptly to alleviate the burden on individual employees. Hiring additional staff or redistributing workload among team members can help create a more balanced and supportive environment. By appropriately staffing the department, employees will be less overwhelmed, enabling them to focus on teamwork and providing timely and efficient patient care.

To measure the effectiveness of these interventions, regular evaluations and feedback through examinations and assignments can be implemented. These assessments can gauge the progress made towards fostering teamwork and identify any areas that require further attention. It is essential to provide constructive feedback to students, highlighting their strengths and areas for improvement. This feedback loop helps in reinforcing positive behaviors and addressing any lingering issues related to teamwork.

In conclusion, addressing the lack of teamwork in the organization requires a multi-faceted approach. Conducting an employee survey to gather insights, implementing team-building exercises to promote collaboration, providing training opportunities, addressing understaffing concerns, and consistently evaluating employee performance are essential steps in creating a more cohesive and effective team environment. By actively working towards fostering teamwork, the organization can overcome the challenges posed by uneven productivity and ultimately improve patient care.

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