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Social workers are expected to synthesize assessment material into a written, coherent working product for documentation and case planning. Students are expected to conduct an interview with a person outside of class and gather the information in order to create a Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment document. Students are urged to avoid soliciting content that may be too intimate for the interviewee to share (e.g. medical, behavioral health, conflicted relationships, etc.).

A detailed overview of this assignment was presented earlier in the course. Feel free to refer back to that page for additional information:

INSTRUCTIONS: Assignment 2: Bio-Psycho-Social


Once the information is collected, students should compose a document following the outline below. Create this paper over an imaginary interviewed adult that struggle with past trauma, anxiety and depression.


  • 9 page paper (not including Title page and References)

APA style format

Title page with Student ID

Reference page

2 references minimum (From Oklahoma)


  • Identifying information: (this section should be brief – simply give the reader a “snapshot” of who the client is)
  • Age
  • Race, ethnic identification
  • Socio-economic status
  • Marital status

Family constellation




  • Nature of presenting problem: (In the first sentence state succinctly what the presenting problem is; then continue describing the details of the problem.)


  • Duration
  • Frequency
  • Exceptions to the problem
  • Consequences
  • Antecedents
  • Other problems which contribute to the presenting problem
  • Client functioning:
  • Physical/Medical
  • Emotional/Behavioral

Roles & adjustment to roles

  • Social/Interpersonal
  • Cognitive/Intellectual
  • Client strengths & resources: Identify assets possessed by the client that could assist them in resolving problems (think strengths-based perspectives; Saleeby, 1992).
  • Interpretive Summary: Student’s impressions/hypothesis re: the problem based on the data(This is where you synthesize or put all of the information together for your analysis—not simply regurgitate the facts. Look for themes, underlying issues, explanations, etc. Critical thinking is important here!)
  • Treatment goals and objectives: Develop 1-2 goals that are consistent with your interpretation of the problem. For each goal, develop 3-4 objectives that utilize practices from evidence-based practices and are shown to be effective through research.
  • Rationale for treatment objectives: Explain to the reader why you are using your chosen objectives to meet treatment goals. This section should include citations of research to support the effectiveness of your developed treatment plan. Culture and context of the client should also be discussed as a way to ensure that these objectives are effective for your identified client.
  • Evaluation: Identify a method of evaluating the effectiveness of your treatment plan and intervention throughout treatment. This section should include plans for evaluation during and at the end of treatment.
  • Self-reflection: Briefly describe what you believe to be the strengths and weaknesses of your assessment skills. This should include professional demeanor, rapport building, insight, flexibility, judgment, etc. Also address any ethical issues that arose or could potentially arise in this case (i.e. personal biases, boundaries, etc.)

Expert Solution Preview

Introduction: As a medical professor in charge of creating assignments for medical college students, I aim to provide comprehensive learning experiences that enhance students’ knowledge and skills in the field of medicine. The assignment discussed here focuses on the creation of a Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment document, which is an essential skill for social workers in documenting and planning cases. This assignment requires students to conduct an interview with an individual and gather information to create the assessment, while being mindful of the interviewee’s comfort and privacy. The assignment follows specific guidelines and requires adherence to APA style formatting.

Answer: The assignment I would design for medical college students is the creation of a Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment document. This assignment would enable students to apply their understanding of various aspects of a person’s life in order to analyze their psychological, social, and biological factors. By conducting an interview with an individual outside of class, students would have the opportunity to gather relevant information about their interviewee’s age, race, socioeconomic status, marital status, family constellation, gender, education/occupation, and religion.

In addition to identifying information, students would address the nature of the presenting problem, its history, duration, frequency, exceptions, consequences, and antecedents. The assignment would also require an assessment of the client’s functioning, including their physical/medical and emotional/behavioral aspects, as well as their roles and adjustment to these roles in social/interpersonal and cognitive/intellectual contexts.

To foster a strengths-based approach, students would be expected to identify and discuss the client’s strengths and resources that could aid in resolving problems. Furthermore, they would provide an interpretive summary that encompasses their impressions and hypotheses regarding the problem, based on the gathered data. This section would require critical thinking skills to identify underlying issues, themes, or explanations.

To formulate an effective treatment plan, students would develop 1-2 goals consistent with their interpretation of the problem, along with 3-4 objectives supported by evidence-based practices and research. They would also explain the rationale behind their chosen treatment objectives, including the cultural and contextual considerations specific to the client, and support their choices with pertinent research citations.

Furthermore, the assignment would require students to identify a method for evaluating the effectiveness of their treatment plan and interventions throughout the course of treatment. This evaluation plan would involve assessing progress during treatment as well as at the end.

Lastly, students would engage in self-reflection to evaluate their own assessment skills, focusing on their professional demeanor, rapport building, insight, flexibility, judgment, and other relevant factors. Students would also address any ethical issues that arose or could potentially arise in the case, such as personal biases or boundaries.

In summary, this Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment assignment would provide medical college students with an opportunity to enhance their interviewing, assessment, and analysis skills. By analyzing a client’s background, presenting problem, functioning, strengths, treatment goals, and objectives, and evaluating their own assessment skills, students would gain valuable experience in the field of social work.

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