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For this Assignment, you will continue to evaluate the same scenario from the previous week (Benevento Foods). For this evaluation, you will use systems thinking tools to perform a root cause analysis and examine the results as well as identify complexities. You will also summarize the dilemma that the business owner is facing (including the root causes) and provide recommendations for improving quality and making long-term improvements.

Continuing from last week’s scenario, you will create an additional business report for Marco Benevento, the owner of Benevento Foods, a manufacturer and distributor of food products to hotels and restaurants. As a reminder, Mr. Benevento has received a complaint from one of his customers that several pieces of rubber have been found in one of the baking mixes. The customer is placing all incoming orders on hold until the issue is resolved. Adding to the situation, the annual BRC Food Safety audit is scheduled for the end of the month. Mr. Benevento knows that you are working toward completing your MBA and wonders if there are any techniques you have learned that may help to identify the causes of the quality issue. As you begin to tell him about systems thinking and root cause analysis, he is impressed and asks you to take charge of finding the root cause(s) of the quality issue and to provide him with recommendations for improvements. After reviewing the case, you will compile an additional business report using the template provided, including specific examples from the case as well as relevant citations from the Learning Resources, the Walden Library, and/or other appropriate academic sources to support your evaluation.

To prepare for this Assignment:

Review the case study Benevento Foods: When the Rubber Hits the Dough

Wood, D., Vachon, S., & Singh, M. (2015). Benevento foods: When the rubber hits the dough. Ivey Publishing.

Review, as needed, the following resource: How to Analyze a Business Case Study 

Submit your business report, to include the following:

Understanding Cause and Effect

Using a systems approach to evaluate the dilemma at Benevento Foods, address the following:

  • Develop a robust effect-cause-effect logic tree diagram using the 5-Whys tool to identify the root cause(s) of the quality issue. The diagram itself can be drawn by hand or with software. 
  • In addition to the diagram, explain the effect-cause-effect flow leading to the root cause(s). 
  • Create an appropriate causal loop diagram to capture the fundamental system behaviors, outcomes, and causes of the quality issue at Benevento Foods. The diagram itself can be drawn by hand or with software. 
  • In addition to the diagram, explain the causal loop flow of the diagram. 
  • There are both detail complexity and dynamic complexities at work at Benevento Foods. Through a systems thinking viewpoint, evaluate the complexities that have led to the identified dilemma. 

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