Watercolor painting is popular because the materials are simple and cleaning up is easy, but it can be challenging because the artist must plan ahead. The

Watercolor painting is popular because the materials are simple and cleaning up is easy, but it can be challenging because the artist must plan ahead. The key to making a good watercolor is to anticipate where the white areas will be because once painted, the color cannot be removed. The artist leaves the white paper as the highlights and layers more in the darker areas. Using a simple, inexpensive watercolor kit and a piece of watercolor paper (heavy textured paper), paint a pumpkin following the video tutorial below and then answer the questions about your completed assignment. You will not receive credit for this portion of the assignment if you do not embed pictures of your process. You are not being graded on “how good it is”. Your grade is based on your effort and following the video tutorial.

  1. Watch the tutorial and follow the instructions to create your painting.
  2. Write your name and class reference number directly onto your page (Must be handwritten).
  3. Take pictures and scan and/or attach them to your submission.
    • Take a picture of your initial sketch.
    • Take a picture in the middle of the process.
    • Take a picture of the completed assignment
  4. Respond to the following:
    1. What do you notice when you paint over a section that was previously painted?
    2. What happens when you moisten the paper, then paint?
    3. Were you happy with the final result? Why? Why not?


  • Watercolors: Yellow, Red/Brown, Green. Cotman Watercolors is suggested in the video but you can use a basic watercolor kit from Dollar Tree or any less expensive paint
  • Paintbrushes (Round Thin and Medium sizes)
  • Water Container
  • Paper Towels
  • Pencil
  • Eraser

If you would like to use the exact supplies used in the video, here is the list: Cotman Watercolor Paints Cadmium Yellow Hue, Cotman Watercolor Paints Burnt Sienna, Sap Green, Cotman Round Brushes sizes 3, Cotman Round Brushes sizes 6, Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor Paper -140lb cold press- 9×12 or smaller, Palette.

Part 1: Option 2 – Photograph

“A Day in the Life of Me”…

  1. Take a minimum of 10 photos that illustrate the activities of your average day.
    • You may decide how to portray this creatively.
    • Consider unique perspective…rule of 3rds… composition…lighting…
  2. Take photos from different perspectives and angles.
  3. Then edit them in Photoshop or another editing program.
  4. Download a slideshow app (Instagram/Tik Tok) or use Google Slides, PowerPoint, or iMovie.
        1. If using an app, be sure that the link is set to public viewing.
        2. Organize the finished photos to create a slideshow. (Transitions and music are optional.)
  5. Attach the file or paste the slideshow link.
  6. Answer the following:
    1. Describe each of the images.
    2. Do I have a strong composition?
    3. What specific editing did I do to the images?
    4. How well did I edit my photographs?
    5. What would I do differently if I shot this assignment again?

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