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Race: The power of illusion-episode 2


The Power of Illusion episode 2 is a documentary focusing on the 19th century and its slavery issues. This

episode is told by various historians, authors, and anthropologists. Thomas Jefferson, President Jackson,

Samuel Morton, and various races were mentioned throughout the episode giving insight on the reality

of what he believed in.


The Race: Power of Illusion episode two is based during the era of slavery, which the first fifty years most

of the American colonies, most of the laborers were European indentured servants, many of them toiled

on tobacco plantations in the wretched conditions. Planters faced a labor shortage this led to a

replacement with Africans. The idea of them running away made it hard because they did not blend in

with Europeans hence the skin color. The class of Europeans were once defined on your status and

wealth. When Africans came onto for labor purposes, poor and lower whites immediately began to

identify themselves as middle class/rich. Giving Africans the lowest/poorest class.


The main audience of this is everyone/anyone who takes interest on the topic of Thomas Jefferson, the

19th century, and the slavery era, and Indian territory. Thomas Jefferson wrote all men are created equal,

but based on his actions it was clear that he believed blacks were inferior to whites. He even focused on

science to tell the world that Black men, women, and children. This is to keep slavery at the attention of

the nation for America.


The purpose is to shed light on the agenda of Thomas Jefferson, President Jackson, the document drawn

up in this time benefitting only whites. The main purpose of this documentary is to make those who

watch it aware of history, constitutional documents, and those in charge.


The main subject in this episode is politics. It gives insight on various topics in history, but brings the

conclusion back to politics, and government officials who made all of history happen.


The tone of this episode is very informative. The mention everything from Mexicans, Indians, whites,

blacks, and how they were in the 19th century. It focused on status, race, wealth, rights to that race, and

the land they obtained.

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